Past Graduates

Selected Former PhD Students and Their Current Positions

Student Degree Year Achievement
William Griffith PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1979 Associate Professor
Department of Statistics
University of Kentucky
Mei-Ling Lee PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1980 Editor-in-Chief, Lifetime Data Analysis
Associate Professor, Biostats, Harvard School of Public Health
Associate Professor, Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Associate Biostatistician, Biostats, Massachusetts General Hospital
Lisa Weissfield PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1982 Professor, Department of Biostatistics, University of Pittsburgh
Truc Nguyen PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1982 Professor Emeritus, Department of Math and Statistics,
Bowling Green University
Shyamal Das Peddada PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1983 Tenured Investigator, NIEHS, Research Triangle, NC
Best Applied Statistics Paper of the Year, ASA, 1997
Zhaoben Fang PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1986 Professor and Associate Dean,
Business School, University of Science and Technology
Hefei, China Jie Mi PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1991 Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics,
Florida International University
Huiman Barnhardt PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1992 Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics,
Duke University
Jose Mendoza-Blanco PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1995 Associate Professor, University of Mexico
Qiming Liao PhD, Mathematics and Statistics 1995 GlaxoSmithKline
Sa Shen PhD, Statistics 1997 Assistant Professor,
Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute
Yi-Kuan Jong PhD, Statistics 1998 Assistant Professor,
Department of Management Information System,
St. John’s & St. Mary’s Institute of Technology,
Taiwan, Republic of China
Silviu-Alin Bacanu PhD, Statistics 1998 GlaxoSmithKline
Jeanne Kowalsk PhD, Statistics 1998 Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University
Haitao Gao PhD, Statistics 1999 Eli Lilly & Co.
David Wendt PhD, Statistics 1999 Battelle Memorial Institute, Energy Products
Aurele Houngbedji PhD, Statistics 2000 Finance and Risk Management Group,
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency,
The World Bank Group
Jonghyeon Kim PhD, Statistics 2000 Biostatistician, The Emmes Corporation
Statistical Analysis & Data Mgmt/Biomedical Research
Rockville, Maryland
Oded Meyer PhD, Statistics 2000 Lecturer, Department of Statistics
Carnegie Mellon University
Michael Sill PhD, Statistics 2000 Research Assistant, Professor, Department of Biostatistics,
State University of New York at Buffalo
Claudia Matus PhD, Statistics 2001 Lecturer, Univesidad de Santiago de Chile
Marc Sylvester PhD, Statistics 2001 Associate Professor, Math and Computer Science,
Edinboro University
Youngju Lee PhD, Statistics 2002 Principal/Research Officer, Barclays Global Investors
Eshetu Wondmagegnehu PhD, Statistics 2002 Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
Western Michigan University
Sungyoung Auh PhD, Statistics 2003 Biostatistician, NIH, Bethesda, MD
Hsiao-Yun Huang PhD, Statistics 2003 Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics,
Fu-Jen University, Taiwan
Tatsuki Koyama PhD, Statistics 2003 Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics,
Vanderbilt–Ingram Cancer Center,
Vanderbilt University
Yulin Li PhD, Statistics 2003 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics,
The University of Toledo
Gregory Yothers PhD, Statistics 2003 Statistician and Research Assistant Professor,
Biostatistical Center/NSABP/University of Pittsburgh
Gabriela Czanner PhD, Statistics 2004 Research Statistician, Department of Clinical Medicine,
Department of Epidemiology, University of Oxford
Hakan Gogtas PhD, Statistics 2004 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Washington, DC
Tulay Sengul PhD, Statistics 2004 Assistant Professor of Biostatistics,
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health,
Sylvester Biostatistics Core Resource,
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Gang Jia PhD, Statistics 2004 Biostatistician, Merck & Co. Inc.
Zhuoxin Sun PhD, Statistics 2005 Research Scientist, Department of Biostatistics
Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health
Jeongeun Kim PhD, Statistics 2005 Senior Statistician, Samsung Marine & Fire Insurance
Margaret Gamalo PhD, Statistics 2006


Principal Research Scientist, Eli Lily and Company

Lulu Ren PhD, Statistics 2006 Senior Biostatistician, Biostats/General Medicine, Amgen Inc.
Julia Soulakova   PhD, Statistics 2006 Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Melissa Ziegler PhD, Statistics 2006 Consulting Statistician, Quality Management and Technology
Dupont Engineering Technology
Ahmet Sezer PhD, Statistics 2006 Lecturer, Anadolu University
Eskisehir, Turkey
Qiang Wu PhD, Statistics 2007 Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics,
College of Allied Health Sciences,
East Carolina University
Ana-Maria Iosif PhD, Statistics 2007 Assistant Professor, Division of Biostatistics,
Department of Public Health Sciences,
School of Medicine,University of California, Davis
Sangdae Han PhD, Statistics 2008 Senior Statistician, Samsung Marine & Fire Insurance
Adriana Lopez PhD, Statistics 2008 Visiting Lecturer,
Qatar Campus of Carnegie Mellon University
Ghideon Ghebregiorgis PhD, Statistics 2008 Mathematical Statistician, FDA
Washington, DC
Scott Nickleach   PhD, Statistics 2008 Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Sonoma State University
Jie Wang PhD, Statistics 2008 Visiting Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University