Careers in Statistics Ranked Top 5 for 2017 & Beyond

Top-rated career websites have identified careers in statistics among the best jobs due to the increased emphasis on data and its multiple uses.  Based on evaluating income, growth outlook, stress and environmental factors, becoming a Statistician with an advanced degree will open many doors.

From, "One key factor in the profession’s top billing is that employment is expected to jump by 34% in the coming seven years. The extraordinarily high hiring outlook is the result of increased demand in fields that might not otherwise seem like areas for Statisticians.

A Statistician’s skill set can be used to break down and analyze large quantities of data. The demand for these skills spans a variety of industries, including marketing, banking, government, sports, retail, and even healthcare.

Since so many different industries now rely on data interpretation, a second data analysis job made the best jobs of 2017: fifth-ranked Data Scientist."

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The University of Pittsburgh Department of Statistics offers Masters and PhD degrees that will help unlock the door to your future.