Prospective Students

In the Department of Statistics, we pride ourselves on giving focused, individualized attention to each student as they develop their own personalized academic program. We work with students to create customized opportunities to explore their interests, include inviting students to serve as undergraduate interns for classes and encouraging outstanding students to serve as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants for courses they've excelled in. 

In his Applied Regression Writing Component course each Spring Semester, Professor Carl Bodenschatz guides students as they conduct individual analysis projects. As part of the project, students write and receive feedback on a Project Proposal, a Progress Report, and a Final Project Report including an abstract. 

Meet Award-Winning Professor Carl Bodenschatz

One of our faculty members, Assistant Professor Lucas Mentch, created the “Stats-In-Action” seminar series which brings distinguished leaders in statistics and data science from outside of academia to Pitt to give a presentation highlighting the critical components of their roles.  These are designed specifically for students to learn about what statistics and data science look like in practice.  As part of this series, undergraduate students are given the opportunity to meet directly with speakers in small groups in specially planned meetings.

“The undergraduate students I work with are often doing the vast majority of the applied work on research projects. I guide the process and steer them in the right direction, but they actively engage in discussions with scientists and practitioners, and in most cases, with a little experience, they begin to develop ideas and directions on their own. The data analysis skills possessed by many of our upper-level undergraduates surpass those of the domain scientists we collaborate with, so they are able to make genuine contributions.”
Lucas Mentch, assistant professor

Professor Mentch is also the creator of one of our most active student organizations: the “DATAs” undergraduate statistics and data science club.  The organization, for which Professor Mentch is the faculty sponsor, hosts various talks and workshops and is designed to be a place for undergraduate students to organize and potentially get involved with things like research activities and predictive competitions.

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