This is the R package for the text and it can be obtained in various ways. See the package notes for further information.

4th edition

If you're at a University that subscribes to the Springer library, you can download it for free from the Springer Link. Instructors interested in adopting the text can find more information by following the About this Book link.

EZ time series

A gentle introduction to time series analysis is available (for free): tsaEZ. The preface has more details. A short course, ARIMA Modeling With R, which is based on this text, is available at DataCamp.

getting R

To download R, go to CRAN and download the appropriate installation. The R issues for time series analysis page is still alive. There's a tutorial on Time Series Graphics and the R time series tutorial has been updated.

text on nonlinear time series

A text on Nonlinear Time Series Analysis was published by Chapman-Hall in January 2014. The text can be used as a reference for a second course in time series analysis.