Bachelor of Science in Statistics

The statistics major requires a minimum of 50 credits, including the following required courses. Please note that the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences maintains the Authoritative Statement of Degree Requirements (major sheet). The information provided here is for student convenience only. The official requirements should be downloaded using the link above. 

  1. STAT 1000* (Applied Statistical Methods)
  2. STAT 1221 and 1223 (Applied Regression and Writing Component)
  3. STAT 1151 (Introduction to Probability) and 1152 (Introduction to Mathematical Statistics)
  4. Two introductory applied statistics courses from the following list
    • STAT 1201 (Applied Nonparametric Statistics)
    • STAT 1211 (Applied Categorical Data Analysis)
    • STAT 1231 (Applied Experimental Design)
    • STAT 1241 (Applied Sampling)
    • STAT 1251 (Statistical Quality Control)
    • STAT 1291-1294 (Topics in Applied Statistics 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  5. One intermediate applied statistics course from the following list
    • STAT 1301 (Statistical Packages)
    • STAT 1311 (Applied Multivariate Analysis)
    • STAT 1321 (Applied Time Series)
  6. STAT 1631 (Intermediate Probability) and 1632 (Intermediate Mathematical Statistics)
  7. One statistics course from the following list
    • STAT 1651 (Introduction to Bayesian Statistics)
    • STAT 1661 (Linear Regression)
    • STAT 1662 (Nonlinear Regression)
    • STAT 1731 (Stochastic Processes)
    • STAT 1741 (Applied Probability Theory)
    • STAT 1761 (Game Theory)
    • STAT 1781 (Combinatorics)
    • STAT 1791-1794 (Topics in Probability and Statistics 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  8. One elective from 4, 5, or 7 above
  9. MATH 0220, 0230, and 0240 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1, 2, and 3)
  10. Either MATH 0280 (Introduction to Matrices and Linear Algebra) or MATH 1180 (Linear Algebra 1)

Note. With approval from his or her major advisor, a student may substitute STAT 0200 (Basic Applied Statistics) with a minimum grade of B- for STAT 1000 (Applied Statistical Methods). A Statistics-Business dual major may, with approval, substitute STAT 1100 (Statistics and Probability for Business Management) for STAT 1000.

Because professional statisticians collaborate with other scientists, students are encouraged to take elective courses from the behavioral, natural, physical, and social sciences.

  1. Statistics majors must adhere to the following rules and requirements as well.
    • Students must earn at least a C grade in each course required for the major.
    • Students may not take required courses on the S/N option.
    • Because 15 credits of mathematics are among the co-requisites for the major, students who complete the major automatically fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences 12-credit related-area requirement.
    • Courses in technical writing and public speaking are recommended.
    • Students planning to continue their studies in a graduate program are strongly encouraged to take MATH 0413 (Introduction to Theoretical Mathematics), MATH 0420 (Introductory Theory 1-Variable Calculus), MATH 1180 (Linear Algebra 1), and as many additional mathematics courses in advanced calculus, numerical analysis, and computer science as possible.
  2. To qualify for departmental honors at graduation, students must
    • Have a QPA of at least 3.50 in all mathematics and statistics courses taken and a QPA of at least 3.70 in all 1000-level courses taken in the department.
    • Complete all other requirements for the statistics major.