Career Development

Career Development

Statistics has become one of the most attractive technical skills in industry and there is so much demand from students to get more training in statistics. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment for high-level statisticians has tripled – from 28,000 positions to 74,000 – from 2010 to 2016. National Center for Education Statistics data show that masters and doctorates in statistics have seen triple-digit growth since 2000.

There are great career opportunities for our PhD and Master students in fields of academia, nonprofit organizations, business and government. More details can be found under Job resources and Alumni.

Different career paths are great choices for individuals with different strengths, and different interests. The department sees serious thought to one’s career path as an integral part of graduate education. As a starting point, the Department endorses the use of Individual Development Plans developed by AAAS

After creating your personal account, you will be asked a series of questions to reflect on your strengths, aptitudes, interests, priorities and values.

This can serve as an entry point of discussion with your mentor and committee.  Beyond self-assessment, MyIDP allows you to manage your career development plan, and offers concrete advise on career development.