Financial Assistance

The A&S School and the statistics department provide financial aid for PhD students in the form of Teaching Assistantships(TA/TF), Graudate Student Researchers (GSRs) and Fellowships (Available Fellowships). To date, the Department of Statistics has been successful in finding finicial support for all its PhD students. Entering graduate students who wish financial assistance should mark “Yes” to the question “Do you wish to be considered for financial aid...?” on the online application for admission to graduate study under the section “Application Information.”  Teaching Assistantship has no citizenship requirements and awards are made to the most promising entering PhD students as determined by the graduate committee. 

The support offered in the form of TA/TF/GSR covers all tuition and fees, a living stipend and health care benefits.  In addition, if students elect to remain in school the Summer Semesters, we also try to award additional stipends for the summer sessions. 

University TA/TF GSA Policy Statement, which is sent to all new TAs and is available online, contains the University’s policies concerning those appointments. New GSRs will be sent the University GSR Policy Statement, available online.

Domestic students should note that there are a variety of competitive national and regional fellowships and scholarships available, both for entering students and for dissertation support. 

When the budget for part-time work permits and there is a need, master’s-level graduate students may be hired as part-time Instructors, part-time TA to lead a recitation or assist as a Grader. Part-time TAs does not have tuition remission or medical insurance package. Students interested in working as part-time TA shall contact the department once admitted into our master programs. However, these matters are handled on a semester-by-semester basis and are not guaranteed.