New Faculty Welcome: Joshua Cape


The Department of Statistics is excited to welcome several new faculty members in the fall of 2020. Each week as we approach the start of the semester, we'll introduce one of them with a little bit of background about their interests. Next up is:

Dr. Joshua Cape

Joshua Cape joins the department after spending one year as a National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Statistics at the University of Michigan. Joshua previously completed his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University where his dissertation research focused on statistical theory and methods for network (graph) data. Joshua's statistical interests include clustering, classification, pattern recognition, matrix theory, and dimensionality reduction. As a researcher, Joshua enjoys working at the intersection of statistics, probability, and applied mathematics in order to address transdisciplinary scientific questions. Together with collaborators in neuroscience and neuroimaging, Joshua is studying how different spectral clustering methodologies reveal distinct, neurologically meaningful brain region similarities when applied to diffusion magnetic resonance imaging connectome data. In another line of work, together with collaborators in sociology and economics, Joshua is investigating how networks and latent communities influence employment relations and wages in the United States.