New Faculty Welcome: Linxi Liu


The Department of Statistics is excited to welcome several new faculty members in the fall of 2020. Each week as we approach the start of the semester, we'll introduce one of them with a little bit of background about their interests. We're thrilled to now announce:

Dr. Linxi Liu

Linxi Liu obtained her Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University, where her thesis work focused on nonparametric density estimation methods for moderately high-dimensional data. Before joining the department, she was a Term-Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics at Columbia University. Linxi’s research interests include nonparametric statistics, multiple hypothesis testing, Bayesian inference, statistical machine learning, and statistical genetics. Her current work aims at developing novel statistical methods, theory, and software for controlled variable selection in classification problems. Linxi also enjoys collaborating with researchers in genetics and neuroscience. Her collaborative work includes prediction of functional consequences of noncoding variants, and association testing for whole genome sequencing data.