Bryan Nelson

  • Instructor 1


Ed.D., Instructional Technology, Duquesne University (2019)
M.A., Applied Statistics, University of Pittsburgh (2014)
M.S., Computational Mathematics, Duquesne University (2012)
B.S., Mathematics, Duquesne University (2010)



STAT 1000: Applied Statistical Methods
STAT 1100: Statistics and Probability for Business Management
STAT 1221: Applied Regression
STAT 2020: Teaching Seminar



Nelson, B. (2019). The influence of question sequencing using formative assessment in introductory statistics (Dissertation)
Ayieko, R., Kanyongo, G., & Nelson, B. (2018). The relationships between teacher quality and sixth grade students' mathematics competencies in Kenya and Zimbabwe. African Journal of Teacher Education. 7, 66-94. doi:10.21083/ajote.v7i1.3944
Ayieko, R., Gokbel, E., & Nelson, B. (2017). Does computer use matter? The influence of computer usage on eighth-grade students’ mathematics reasoning. Forum for International Research in Education. 4, 67-87. doi:10.18275/fire201704011120
Nelson, B. (2012). Modeling the NCAA Tournament through Bayesian logistic regression (Thesis)
Toews, C., and Nelson, B. (2010). Improving the Gauss-Newton convergence of a certain position registration scheme. Inverse Problems. 26, 1-18. doi:10.1088/0266-5611/26/4/045013