Permission Number Policy

The Department of Statistics is unable to issue permission numbers to override the capacity of closed undergraduate classes for any reason. We highly recommend that undergraduate students of advanced standing needing to fulfill a statistics requirement, schedule a desired course as soon as their enrollment appointment opens. All students unable to secure a seat in a chosen class, will need to add themselves to the waitlist. Please note instructors cannot give students permission to join the class. 

If you have secured a seat in a Statistics course and need to change your recitation due to a time conflict, do not attempt to drop the class and re-enroll or use the swap function in PeopleSoft to make the change. You will lose your seat in the class and be placed on the waitlist. The first person on the waitlist will then be auto-enrolled. As noted above, a permission number will not be issued to rectify the issue. Please notify the academic program coordinator to assist you with such a conflict. For more information concerning the waitlist and SWAP features (question #9), refer to the Registrar’s FAQ webpage.

Seats in some upper level Statistics courses are reserved for Stat or Stat-Econ joint majors. Permission numbers will not be issued to override reserved capacities. Once the reserves have been met, any remaining seats will be released to students on the waitlist. If you are having difficulty placing yourself on the waitlist, please contact the academic program coordinator for assistance.

Students interested in earning a minor in Statistics, are encouraged to begin scheduling the required classes early in their academic career, over the course of several semesters. Due to the limited number of courses offered each term, the department cannot guarantee that a minor can be earned by students declaring the minor late in their academic career.

In order to be fair to all students, the department will strictly adhere to the permission number policies above. For additional questions, please contact the academic program coordinator.