This is your course webpage for STAT 1291: Topics in Applied Statistics—Basics of Data Science, Fall 2017.

Data science is an emerging interdisciplinary field stemming from statistics, mathematics and computer science. At its core, data science involves using automated methods to analyze massive amounts of data and to extract knowledge from them. The objective of this course is to provide students with a principled introduction to data science that properly combines inferential thinking and computational thinking. Students will learn the fundamental pipeline of data science, ranging from data acquisition, data clean-up, data exploration and visualization, modeling and inference, to professional reporting.

Note to students: There was another course offered in Spring 2017 with the same number, STAT 1291. This course is different from that course taught by Dr. Mentch. The previous STAT 1291 will be offered again in the coming Spring semester (that is, Spring 2018), with a new number and title STAT 1361: Statistical Learning and Data Science. I recommend you taking STAT 1361.

We plan to repeat this current course with a new number and title STAT 1261: Principles of Data Science, in the coming year.

Last update: November 29, 2017